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Proven Reliable Technical Expertise

We at GWai offer top quality art and illustration design services, graphic design, technical art and website services to those who require uniquely individual, accurate, vibrant and engaging work.

Who is Griff Wason?

A multi-award winning freelance technical artist and illustrator with over 18 years of professional experience.

My work is aimed for use by individuals, graphic and design agencies, marketing and media, tv and broadcast media, manufacturing companies (including many Fortune 500), educational institutions and museums.

I have advanced qualifications in applied mathematics, electronics, computer systems and architecture, mechanical engineering, systems programming (MCSD), business administration and psychology.

Previously, I have worked in Europe and the US as an electronic systems engineer, computer systems design engineer (both software and hardware). I have also worked in product design, product marketing and management.

Which art mediums and software do I use?

Initially, pencils, pens and paper. I love working in pen and wash. Once I have the work completed in my minds eye, it's then just a matter of getting the work on paper, or in the computer.

Regarding software: Adobe CS Suite, Lightwave, Maxon Cinema 4D, Lightwave, Renderman, Painter, Manga Studio and many, many other applications.

I also use quite a few of my own custom plug-ins for Adobe CS Suite and other plug-in compatible applications.

Which computer systems do I use?

I use Macs and PC's. I am not interested in the Mac/PC comparison game - Macs and PC's both have their major strengths and weaknesses. I use whichever platform is most appropriate for the task at hand. Computers are my tools, and I love using them. 
I also use Wacom tablet's, Logitech mice and keyboards, Pantone matching CMS: screens/scans/prints, and 3D Navigation tools.
I used to operate my own server farm, but now outsource. All my work is server centralised, and automatically backed up and secured.

How long does artwork take to complete?

How long is a piece of string?

No, accurate and timely completion depends on a number of factors: required complexity of the artwork, clarity of the brief, amount of source material available, clear view of the target. Completion can take from a day or so, to many months. The more time I get to spend illustrating and not researching, or appending, the quicker the work will be completed.

Setting clear objectives, milestones, design and output expectations are crucial to getting the work finished on time.

What is required for technical artwork?

From the outset a clear description and visual target of what is required can help enormously.

I can - and have - worked many times from sketches and roughs, drawings, engineering files and marketing concepts.

I can and will match my work to your personal or company style, branding and formats.

Which output formats can I supply?

RGB, CMYK, Adobe Photoshop, illustrator, PDF, EPS (raster and/or vector depending on your specification) and just about any other standard output format spec.

Pricing, what about pricing?

I do not normally charge by the hour unless the job is very small, or it is specifically requested.

My preference is to agree a fee from the outset and then work to that, unless the specification changes.

I can work on an agreed milestone to milestone basis. 

I am very flexible when it come to fee arrangements - there is always a way to make things work to both parties satisfaction.

Smart Artistic Solutions For You

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Lastly, thank you for making it this far!


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