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Most of my work on this page are cutaways, phantom, ghosts, see-throughs, and a long list of other terms used to describe a drawing that allows the viewer to see inside an otherwise solid object. Typically, a cutaway illustration has one or many layers removed, or a "pie slice" cut out of the object so the inner construction is exposed. As much or as little detail will show as is required by the client. A phantom view or ghosted image will still show construction, but the outer skin of the product remains partially visible.

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Hello! We have received a great deal of feedback - it is really great to hear what people think and also the fantastic suggestions. Anyway, we have listened, and found the time to create a new and even more fully featured site.

We have tried to include as much new artwork as possible, and also to present it in new and accessible ways. Please, let us know what you think - we read everything! :)

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