LINE ART // My original love. . .

Initially, I love working, creating with pencils, pens, markers, brushes and paper. Once I have the work completed in my minds eye, it's then just a matter of getting the work on paper, or in the computer. The software I mainly use: Affinity Designer and Photo, Adobe CS Suite, Zbrush, Lightwave, ZBrush, Cinema 4D, Renderman, Painter, Manga Studio and many other applications.

I also use quite a few of my own custom plug-ins for Adobe CS Suite and other plug-in compatible applications.

examples of Griff's line art

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Latest news

Hello! We have received a great deal of feedback - it is really great to hear what people think and also the fantastic suggestions. Anyway, we have listened, and found the time to create a new and even more fully featured site.

We have tried to include as much new artwork as possible, and also to present it in new and accessible ways. Please, let us know what you think - we read everything! :)

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