Jean Michel JARRE

I listen to Jean Michel's music whenever I am working . . .

Jean Michel Jarre's music is truly inspirational and takes my mind off to far off places around the universe.   I have been in awe of his work and music since first hearing it back in the late seventies.

, Equinoxe and The Concerts in China - well ALL of his music - totally mesmerise and inspire me to this day.

Thank you SO very much, Jean Michel . . .

Jean Michel Jarre   Équinoxe

Équinoxe (English: Equinox) is the fourth studio album by French electronic musician and composer Jean-Michel Jarre, released in December 1978 on the Disques Dreyfus record label, with license to Polydor.

Jean Michel had developed his sound, employing more dynamic and rhythmic elements, particularly a greater use of sequencing on basslines. Much of this was achieved using custom equipment developed by his collaborator Michel Geiss.  The album is presented as two suites of music, each consisting of 4 parts and taking up one side of the vinyl release of the album. The separate tracks on the record smoothly segue into each other to this effect.

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