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Much of the artwork we create (especially historical) has been used in museums and other educational establishments. Most of these establishments have practically no budget, and in nearly all cases I allow use of my artwork free of charge (FOC).

To quote one museum curator, “...many school kids come into my department (aeronautics), and they look at these masterpieces (engines), and although the historical and intrinsic value of these artefacts is in many cases simply priceless, to these kids, they are just great lumps of metal. In most cases these kids have no way of connecting or comprehending what they are seeing or know their place in history. Most kids today don’t seem to have the patience to even read the exhibit labels, so a picture is worth more than a thousand words.

Griff, through your work, you have bought these old relics back to life, and have shown them as they once were, and even how they work. The posters, leaflets and postcards that the kids have bought show this. Who knows, maybe they’ll grow up to be the Great and Famous engineers of the future. Thank you, Griff. Your work is inspirational, and to me quite beautiful!”

To create these pieces takes months of research - even years. Also, sometimes I have to travel to see rare examples to take measurements. All this really cuts into my professional working time and finances, so it is a problem and I have to compromise. So sponsoring this work enables me to do more of this kind of thing.

Many kind people have decided to sponsor my work. So, if you wish, please click on the PayPal link below. It will really really help!


Griff Wason Technical Art and Illustration  2390

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Hello! We have received a great deal of feedback - it is really great to hear what people think and also the fantastic suggestions. Anyway, we have listened, and found the time to create a new and even more fully featured site.

We have tried to include as much new artwork as possible, and also to present it in new and accessible ways. Please, let us know what you think - we read everything! :)

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