MAN 12K98MC-C Marine Diesel Engine

These illustrations show various views of the MAN Diesel 12K98MC-C Marine Diesel Engine (one of the largest engines in the world), designed and manufactured by MAN / HSD Engines. It is capable of generating an output of 68,520kW with a rotary speed of 104rpm. In the latest container ship installations, it typically drives a six-bladed propeller (also illustrated) to produce speeds of up to 25 knots. It also typically drives a 3,000kW Taiyo SIGW 135-18 alternator.

This engine set was originally commissioned for eventual use by the Discovery Channel. However, for many reasons the artwork wasn’t employed quite as as intended, but nonetheless has gone on to be used in many other areas that I couldn’t have dreamt of when I first embarked on the project. Although this illustration set (the engine) was only a small part of the original commission, from all the feedback it certainly seems to be the most popular! I am quite happy how this set worked out . . .  a very unusual thing for me!

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